Wussbag motivational appropriation, and an introduction

oligatory motivation

Hello, I'm Edward Brown. Welcome to my blog; this is where I transcribe the things that matter to me... Or don't, that much.

It could be my thoughts on modern health and wellness (potentially inflammatory), blurbs about the newest fantastic (or absolutely abysmal) fashion trends, or just about the state of the business overall.

I'm a firm believer in finding motivation within yourself, and that said, random stock clipart like this doesn't really sit well with me. So why did I pick this image? Well, because this happens to be exactly what I did.

I was a big dude. A really big dude. 40" waistline and nothing to show for it but some ill-fitting Dickies jeans and unfortunate amounts of back acne.

So I changed. I made a huge change. It's my desire to pay-it-forward, and help others achieve their health goals, even if seems impossible, or too lofty a thing.

I am a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner with a long history of Nutritional Education, including the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition's Hollistic Nutrition program. I use functional labwork, scientific method and non-specific treatment to determine healing opportunities and return people to state of health and homeostasis. I deal with the individual, and not with a broad-spectrum, one-size-fits-all approach. This is where most nutritionists and dietitians get it wrong. My work is specifically tailored to your body, and your needs.

Everything you have been taught about a healthy lifestyle is wrong (mostly), and you're probably (definitely) not eating enough bacon. Affix your fancy hats and fine-tune your life; the best things in life will most certainly follow.

-Sartorial Out

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