As a parent, nothing is worse than not knowing what is 'wrong' with your child!

 Are they complaining about stomach or digestive issues? Does he or she suffer from behavioral issues? It could very well be something more than simple 'picky eating', and don't be so quick to be fearful of a diagnosis of ADHD, Autism or other problems associated with behavior. Many of these problems can be linked to improper nutrition!

This program will determine your child's digestive health and ability, as well as determining whether they've picked up something that their immune systems may not quite yet be capable of handling. We do not, as a rule, run our usual hormone testing on children as they are in a constant process of development.

We suggest having a food sensitivity/allergy panel run before we move forward with our testing, as it will help with the healing process and allow us to build a dietary plan free of any problematic foods.





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