IT'S ALL ABOUT YOU - In order for us to start working together, I need to get some history and understand where you currently are, what your main complaints are and from there we can start to personalize your program so that you can start making changes right away. The intake forms that you will need to complete are quite lengthy but they are key to understanding which systems are likely to be out of balance and to what extent.

CUTTING EDGE TESTING – The 90 Day program will begin with a Hormone and Metabolic assessment and we will then follow up with Intestinal Permeability and GI Screening.

CUSTOMIZED PROTOCOL – Once we have your hormone and metabolic assessment results, I will provide you with your provisional customized protocol which we will discuss and amend during your first 90 minute consultation. We will then expand your protocol once we’ve received the results of your Intestinal Permeability assessment and GI Screening (and MRT where applicable).

SUPPORT – The level of support that you need will vary throughout your program and also depending on the type of issues you are encountering. As your Health coach, I will be there to support you throughout. In addition to the 90 minute consultation(s) at the start of your program, we will schedule biweekly Skype calls to review your main health complaints, any changes (good or bad!) and how you are getting on with your personalized protocol. And if you need any support in between those sessions, I am only an email away!





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